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Enjoy Fun Macarons Classes

For the best party!

Join us for our online classes, real time classes or in person classes. We have various classes (Classic macaron class, Cartoon macaron class, Classic Macaron cake class, Cartoon Macaron cake class, Macaron Ice cream) in which you will learn different topics.

What you will learn depends on which class you take.

  1. How to choose the right macarons tools

  2. How to make the world-famous French macarons, Italy macarons or Swiss macarons shells

  3. How to make the round shells and conch shells and cartoon shells

  4. How to make single, double, triple and more colors shells

  5. How to make 1-30 delicious different fillings and more filling techniques

  6. How to decorate fashion macarons

  7. All the phases and stages behind the macarons production

  8. How to make macaron cakes

  9. How to make macaron ice cream

  10. How to design macaron shapes


In person class: maximum of four students and are roughly 3-4 hours long. While the macaroon shells are baking you'll enjoy a sampling of macaroons. At the end of class all the macaroon are shared amongst all the students, so that everyone leaves with 15-20 macaroons in several different flavors!


Real time class: we will use WhatsApp, WeChat and other media in real time.

Please note that all classes are non-refundable but can be rescheduled once if we are given 7 days’ notice.

Pink Macaroons
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